testimonial01I have been treated by Dr Roy Sery as my Chiropractor for the past 4 years. I am a long distance runner and personal trainer and need to remain injury free while I train for marathons. I originally went to Dr Sery with a long standing ITB injury (knee pain) for which no one I had previously seen could help my problem.

After one amazing session, I was running injury and pain free the following week. Since then I have run in footlevelers orthotics (which Dr Sery suggested) and visited Dr Sery between once and three times a month to treat various niggles and pains. Dr Sery has aided me in running successfully and injury free. I have done two ultra marathons, the New York marathon, Peninsula marathon, Soweto marathon and numerous half marathons in the past 4 years thanks to the ongoing help of Dr Sery and footlevelers.


testimonial03In December 2010 I was involved in a serious, high speed car accident that luckily left me with no major injuries at first. However, within a month I developed extreme pain and movement restriction in my neck.
I was referred by a friend to Dr Sery whom I first saw in January 2011. He diagnosed me with severe whiplash.  He started to treat me with normal chiropractic treatment along with a specialist technique called Graston Technique. Dr Sery was one of two chiropractors in South Africa who is licenced, trained and talented in the use of Graston Technique.

With Dr Sery's different methods of treatment, I had almost immediate relief of pain as well as more mobility.  My long term condition gradually improved. Over the time as a patient of Dr Sery I found him highly professional and an excellent chiropractor who is extremely skilled in his line of work.


LINDY BENSON - South Africa

Dr Roy Sery treated me from the middle of 2006 until he left South Africa in April 2012. I had suffered with a recurring back and shoulder injury since 2000 and went to Dr Sery for a consultation. My first impression was that of a highly professional medical practitioner. Dr Sery successfully treated this injury and it is on rare occasions that I feel any pain in that area.Being a serious runner for the past 14 years, I have often been plagued with various injuries. These ranged from knee, ankle, and calf injuries to a trapped nerve in my foot. I run every day and missing a run is generally not an option. Each injury that I sustained was accurately diagnosed and then treated quickly and very effectively. Thanks to this exceptional care, I managed to run various half marathons, a full marathon and an ultra marathon in 2011 completely pain free. Any runner will greatly appreciate the feeling of being able to run pain free and to be able to attain all your set goals in a season is an extra bonus. I thank Dr Roy Sery for his outstanding ability as a Chiropractor for allowing me to excel and go beyond my wildest dreams. His presence in South Africa will be sorely missed by all his patients.

NITZAN TAL - South Africa

Dr Sery treated me for a period of 4 years from 2008 to 2012 - when he decided to make aliyah to Israel. I used to suffer from regular lower back pain and neck stiffness. Without exception, Dr Sery managed, every single time, to relieve my pain within a few treatment sessions that lasted between 20 and 30 minutes. For longer lasting relief, I continued with a few more follow-up treatments. Dr Sery is not only a well equipped and highly professional Chiropractor, but his excellent ability to diagnose combined with his pleasant personality, gave me great confidence. I highly recommend Dr Sery to any patient.